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A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday.  My daughter took her fiance’s mother and me to go see Mary Poppins, and then she also came over for a little birthday celebration with my husband and myself.  I made all of her favorite foods.  Since she’s announcing today that she is moving, I’m finally able to share the news.  I’m so happy for her, but also very sad that I won’t be able to see her.  Well, during my birthday celebration I made all of her favorite foods because I know that she will miss them, and she always tells me that hers don’t come out as good as mine.  She loves open sandwiches (I think that’s what they’re called here in the U.S., these are very common in Europe), crepes with filling, and something called racuchy.  I’m not sure if there is anything like this in the U.S., but it’s almost like an apple pancake.  It’s chopped up apples, or you can make them into a shape of a donut (whichever you prefer, but the first way is much easier because you don’t have to take the middle of the apple out), covered in a crepe like dough mixture.  The crepes are filled with a cream cheese filling mixed with raisins and craisins.  My daughter isn’t a huge fan of craisins, but my husband is, so my daughter had to compromise.  The sandwiches included a lot of different things, but the main ingredients for these are sardines as the spread, a type of deli meat (preferably ham or roast beef), cheese, tomato, pickle, onion (just not for my daughter, she’s not a fan of onions), a small drop of ketchup, and a small drop of mayo, along with salt and pepper if you’d like.

My daughter used to eat these things growing up and she always said that I did a better job making them.  I enjoy cooking and preparing food, especially for my kids.  My son has been out of state ever since he went off to Boston University, and has worked in many different cities since.  My daughter moved to Texas several years ago and then came back.  Now she’s moving to another state that is also far.  I can’t say where because she asked me to keep it a secret until she makes the final announcement on her Instagram/Blog.  I will only have my husband to feed, and it’s not as enjoyable because he inhales his food, whereas my children sit and enjoy their food haha.

I would like to wish my daughter the best with this move, and I wish her nothing but happiness in her new home.  I’m so happy that she was able to rent a house that has a backyard for her pups, because I know that was something that was VERY important to her.  I know that she will succeed wherever she goes, and she will spread her sparkle everywhere.  I love you Misiusia!

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  1. Awwww, how sweet that you made all that yummy food on your birthday for your daughter. I know as a mom seeing her enjoy it was a great gift to you. I’m sure you’ll miss her so much when she moves. Being a mom is hard no matter how old our kids get it’s still hard to let them go!


    1. I’m so sad that she is leaving because she will be so far, but I want what is best for her. As a mom it is definitely hard. Especially with my daughter since she has always lived so close to home. Right now she is only 20 minutes away. Being several states away is going to be so sad for me.


  2. Your food looks delicious. A daughter leaves a large hole in your heart when they move away but take consolation from the fact you have done your job right as a mum giving them confidence to go out there and do what they enjoy. Regards – Jill x


    1. Thank you Jill! Yes, she will forever be in my heart, and she has left some of her things with me so I will look at those whenever I miss her for sure. I’m so proud of her, and am wishing this move is much better for her.


  3. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

    I am so excited for Monica’s new adventure but I know you will miss her so. She will convince you to move with her at some point, I bet! Haha. I am growing to love Polish dishes these days. My neighbor and new friend is from Poland and she has introduced me to some wonderful dishes like pickle soup. My grandmother was Hungarian so we grew up on very similar foods. But having someone make these dishes the authentic way again is so great! All of your dishes look amazing! So if you miss feeding Monica when she is gone, I will be more than happy to visit your house for dinner!



    1. Hahaha, I will definitely keep that in mind! She loves food like you cannot believe. I’m surprised at how much food she can fit in her body all in one sitting. She told me that one time my mother made her pierogi and she sat and ate 24 of them in one sitting. I WAS SHOCKED!


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