A Pop of Neutral


Top:  Ralph Lauren // Bag:  Gucci

I have been stepping out of my comfort zone and finally taking pictures outside of my home.  I remember when my daughter first started blogging and she was so uncomfortable with taking photos anywhere but at our house.  She tells me that even after her six years of blogging she is still a little weary about taking photos out in public.  Which I can understand because it is a little nerve wracking, especially because people will judge you, if they don’t know that you are taking photos for a blog.

My daughter has told me stories about how there have been multiple times where she has had people ask her why she was taking pictures or if she was a model.  One time the people had actually asked if she could take a photo with them in case she was someone famous!  I have started to take photos at a boardwalk by our home.  This place has a special meaning to our family.  The reason why is because when my husband and I first got married, I had to wait a little bit longer to receive my Visa than he did.  He had decided to come to the United States and start to build a life for when I finally received my Visa to also come to the U.S.

This was back when he would write me letters to tell me how beautiful America was and how he promised this would be a good move for us.  We are originally from Poland, so you can imagine how nervous I was about leaving everyone and everything we knew behind to move to a different country.  My husband had taken a photo at this very location and sent it to me in a letter and said that one day we would live here.  That dream came true in 1993.  We have lived here ever since.

Now that my children are all over the country, it is a little harder, and we have thought about moving closer to one of our kids.  Most likely our daughter because our son moves around a lot.  He is a bit of a nomad.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kellyann O'Donnell Rohr says:

    What a sweet story about this very special spot!


  2. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

    Ewa, I love this outfit! The camel and black together is very striking. And such a great story about this photo location! It is really anxiety provoking taking photos in public. Four years later and I still hate it, too! But good for you for venturing out of your comfort zone. You got some really great images from it!



  3. ellibellescorner says:

    This is such a great outfit, love the black and camel!
    Ellibelle’s Corner


  4. mireilleftm says:

    I always feel a little weird having my son take blog posts! But I am getting better at not caring!


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